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Report Abuse

    As an end-user, the security of your computer and mobile devices is our top priority. Prior to joining a support session, if the agent is using a trial account, we will display a warning message to inform you. If you have already joined a support session, and believe that suspicious or fraudulent activity occurred during your session, you can exit the session and report the abuse immediately.

    Before joining a support session

    When you are invited to join a support session (via direct link or by entering a support key at (, you see an informative warning message to only accept support from an agent you trust. For your own protection, you should avoid providing sensitive information (such as credit card data or passwords) or accepting any unsolicited services.

    Report abuse from ending a session

    You can report abuse by ending a session and clicking "Report abuse" in the session end dialog from the GoTo Resolve Console in the following ways:

    End session from the GoTo Resolve Console

    1. Click End Session from the browser window.
    2. Click the Report abuse link in the session end dialog.

    3. A web browser window will open with a list of your recent sessions.
    4. Select the session you want to report from the list.
    5. A form is displayed with the Session ID pre-populated in the Support key field.
    6. Enter your email address and fill in the optional fields of your choice.
    7. Click Send Report to submit the session information.

    Report abuse from website

    You can report abuse after a session has ended and you no longer have access to the end session dialog, as follows:

    1. Click Report Abuse on
    2. In the Support Key field, enter the 9-digit Session ID of the support session you would like to report.
    3. Click Send Report to submit the session information.
    Article last updated: 24 April, 2023