Starting Instant Support Sessions from the Support tab

    You can start instant remote support sessions from the Support tab of the GoTo Resolve mobile agent app.

    Select Start remote support session in the Support tab of the GoTo Resolve Mobile Agent App.

    A Support Key is generated and displayed in a new tab.

    Once a Support Key is generated, it remains valid for starting a session for 60 minutes

    1. Invite your end-user to join the session by sending them the Support key. You can send them a Direct link by tapping the link displayed on the screen.
    2. Paste the link into your preferred messaging tool, and send it to your end-user.
    3. Ask the end-user to open the message, and click the link to join the support session.
    4. A new browser tab is opened on the end-user's device displaying the session chat panel.
    5. You can select Remote view - to see the end-user's screen without taking control of their device - or Remote Control - to operate the end-user's device.
    Article last updated: 3 October, 2022