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Making a VoIP Call During a Session

Agents can make a VoIP call towards the end users during a remote control session to provide real-time verbal assistance.

With VoIP in remote support sessions, agents can initiate audio streams with an end-user from the chat window and ensure quick and effective problem diagnostic.

  • This feature is available in attended remote control sessions in Windows environment only.
  • It cannot be used when multiple agents are collaborating in a session, or when they are using the mobile app.
  • Only the agent can initiative or request a call with the end user.
  • The end user must accept the call to create the voice channel.
To make a VoIP call, do the following:
  1. Start an active remote control session.
  2. Select the Start a call button on the toolbar in the top-right corner of the console.

    A soft-phone control board is displayed with the following audio options:

    • Mic: You can mute or unmute your microphone.
    • Camera: You can share or hide your camera (the feature will be available in a later release).
    • Hang up: You can finish the VoIP call.
Results: Only agents can initiate VoIP calls towards end users, with the condition that the end user explicitly accepts the call.
Article last updated: 20 October, 2023