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How to View the Results of a Remote Execution Job

Check the details of a job to see where it stands.

  1. Click the name of a job on the Remote Execution page.

    Result: The details of the job appear.

  2. In the Summary section on the left, you can check the following details:
    • the number of successful and failed runs
    • the start and finish times of the job run
    • who run the job
    • the uploaded file. You can also download the file, if required.
  3. In the Steps section, you can check the executed PowerShell script.
  4. In the Main panel on the right, you can check the status of the results:
    • Running - the script is currently running
    • Pending - the script is waiting to start
    • Failed - the script ran into an error or timed out
    • Cancelled - the step was manually cancelled
    • Result missing - the remote computer could start running the automated PowerShell script, but it could not report back the result within one day
    • Unknown error - a service error occurred
    • Succeeded - the script was run without issues
Article last updated: 21 July, 2022