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How does GoTo Resolve Manage Access Control in Device Groups?

Administrators and members have different access rights in connection with device groups.

What can Administrators do?

  • Create device groups in GoTo
  • Rename or delete device groups in GoTo
  • Add, move or remove devices to device groups in GoTo
  • Assign users to device groups in GoTo Admin
  • Link to the exact device group in Resolve from GoTo Admin

What can Members do?

  • See device groups assigned to them
  • See devices in the device group(s) they are assigned to
    Note: When searching for a device in the Devices page, members can only see those devices that are in device groups assigned to them. By default all the devices in the Not in a Group list are visible.
  • Cannot perform group operations, but can manage the devices they see
Article last updated: 5 December, 2022