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How do I view file properties in File Manager?

The file manager allows you to view the basic details of files.

  1. In the file manager, select the file of which properties you want to view.
  2. On the right, select the triple dots to open the context menu.
  3. Select Properties. The following file properties are displayed:
    File property Description
    Location File location on the device.
    Attributes File attributes as displayed by the operating system. Attributes can be Archive, Hidden, Executable, and Compressed. For more information on the available file attributes, see the Microsoft support site.
    Created Date and time when the file was created on the device.
    Last opened Date and time when the file was last run or opened on the device.
    Last modified Date and time when the file was last modified.
    Size Disk space the file requires.
Results: In the file manager, you can also view the properties of you local files, but you can only see the Location relative to the selected root folder, Last modified, and Size attributes.
Article last updated: 17 April, 2023