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How do I Open File Manager in a Session?

By opening the File manager in an attended or unattended session you can access the file system of a remote device without remote controlling that device.

Note: File manager is available on Lite and Pro devices, for free and paid plans as well. See What are Pro devices?.
Important: The current version of the File manager replaces the legacy version of the File manager feature which is no longer available in sessions launched from the Devices page.
  1. During an active session, click the File manager icon on the toolbar.

    Result: The File manager dialog box is displayed.

  2. Wait until the end user approves your request to start a File manager session.

    Result: Upon approval, the File manager opens as a new session in the Sessions tab.

  3. On the Local Computer pane, select Open a folder to choose a local folder for your file operations.
    This will be the root folder on your local computer for your current file manager session.
  4. Make sure you allow GoTo to view your files.
    Remember: The attended or unattended session automatically closes once the File manager session ends.
Article last updated: 17 April, 2023