How do I manage my billing address?

    Learn how to view and edit your billing address online. Update your address in the Billing Self Service Portal or from within GoTo Admin.
    You must be a billing admin to access the billing portal.

    GoTo Admin

    1. If you are not already, sign in to your admin portal.
    2. Select Settings > Account > Billing, and then choose the Addresses tab.
    3. To edit your billing address, select Edit Icon Edit.
    4. Modify the address as needed and save your changes.

      Note: If an error is displayed, it is because the address is invalid.

    Billing Self Service Portal

    1. Sign in at

      Tip: You can also access your billing portal by selecting App Switcher Icon on the top navigation bar, and then choose Billing.

    2. From Edit Account Information, make any needed changes and then select Save.

      Note: The system will automatically validate the address entered and suggest a standardized version.