Getting Files

    During a Remote Control session, agents can browse and download files from the end-user's device using the FILE BROWSER icon on the toolbar.

    1. During an active Remote Control session, click FILE BROWSER on the toolbar.

      Result: A dialog box appears on the end-user's device that prompts the end-user to grant you access to their file system.

    3. Ask your end-user to click Allow on the dialog box.

      Result: The File Browser is displayed in the chat window.

    4. Use the File Browser to navigate the file system of the end-user's device.

      Tip: Use the arrow next to the current file path at the top to go one level up.

    5. Hover over the file you want to get and click Download.

      Note: You must have read permission to a file to download it.
      Tip: Although you cannot select multiple files, you don't have to wait for a download to finish. You can have multiple download processes running at the same time.


    The file is saved to your default download folder.

    Article last updated: 21 July, 2022