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Getting Files

    During a Remote Control session, agents can browse and download files from the end-user's device using the File Browser icon on the toolbar.

    1. During an active Remote Control session, click File Browser on the toolbar.
      Note: If you can't see the icon, click the Interaction panel () icon on the top right of the screen next to the End session button.
    2. Use the File Browser to navigate the file system of the end-user's device.
      Tip: Use the arrow next to the current file path at the top to go one level up.
    3. Hover over the file you want to get and click Download.
      Note: You must have read permission to a file to download it.
      Tip: Although you cannot select multiple files, you don't have to wait for a download to finish. You can have multiple download processes running at the same time.

    The file is saved to your default download folder.

    Article last updated: 1 February, 2023