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What's new in GoTo Resolve MDM

7 December, 2023 - Android client 2.10.0 and other enhancements

We have released Android client 2.10.0, which now fully supports Android 14. We have widened the enrollment option portfolio for Fully managed with work profile devices, fixed several Android-related bugs, and modified our Free plan.

New features

We have added the following new features:

  • We have released Android client 2.10.0, which now fully supports Android 14.
    Note: Installing applications that target SDK23 (Android 6), or lower versions, is not supported on Android 14 devices.
  • On Fully managed Android devices, administrators can block ultra-wideband communication by adding it to the configuration profile restrictions.
  • For Fully managed with work profile (COPE) devices, we have added the Zero touch and Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME) enrollment options.
  • We support setting different wallpapers on Android device home and lock screens.
Bug fixes

We have fixed the following Android-related bugs:

  • Enrolling Work profile management for Android devices was possible only if 'All the time' location access was selected.
  • Android system applications that were installed on a device before the device was enrolled could not be managed and the managed configurations did not apply to them.
  • If the undeploy operation was started for an app that was embedded in Android firmware, the undeployment did not finish and the status remained 'in progress'.
  • The Android client's 'Disable kiosk mode' only worked with Samsung kiosk mode, now it works for generic kiosk mode as well.
  • The deployment of an APK the application ID of which contained both upper and lower case letters got stuck in 'in progress' state.
  • Previously, when using Zero Touch or KME enrollments, the Android client always enrolled devices in Fully managed mode, even if the Fully managed with work profile mode was selected.
  • If font scaling was used on the client user interface, in some cases, the layout was incorrect.
  • For COPE devices, deploying a passcode configuration profile for the lock screen with the default passcode failed when both 'Force unlock passcode' and 'Lock screen message' were enabled.
  • Some conditions caused Android retirements fail.

27 November, 2023 - Windows enrollment beta improvements and other enhancements

We have implemented improvements for the Windows enrollment beta feature, and released a bug fix for adding macOS applications with scripts.

Windows enrollment beta improvements

We have implemented the following updates:

  • We have corrected a minor text alignment issue on the UI.
  • We have added and updated animation for accordions.
  • The selected device users are now sorted alphabetically by the email address.
Other enhancements

In Applications > Add > macOS application > Script > , we have corrected a validation error.

2 November, 2023 - GoTo Resolve MDM moved to single domain URL structure and other enhancements

GoTo Resolve MDM moved to single domain URL structure

GoTo Resolve MDM has moved to single domain URL structure to be more compliant with the requirements of certain browsers, to improve security, and to provide better service for our customers in the future.

The URL of GoTo Resolve MDM changed to single domain architecture, meaning that all customer sites are now under a single domain:

Important: The single domain URL structure change is effective immediately; therefore, to ensure the correct operation, implement the changes described in the Moving GoTo Resolve MDM to single domain URL structure article as soon as possible. We have redirected the old URLs to the new URLs, but the redirection might not work with specific browsers. The URLs are planned to be redirected only for two months.
Other enhancements
  • We fixed a minor bug in the logic that defines the text displayed on the empty Dashboard.
  • We added the option to erase or keep the eSIM when retiring a shared iPad.

Article last updated: 8 December, 2023