View Scheduled Conferences

Learn more about OpenVoice conference notifications here.

OpenVoice Conference Notifications

Note: You can only receive notifications when you use the web invite and schedule conference feature. If you use the Outlook Plugin, your Outlook calendar can be set up with a reminder.

Organizers receive an email notification ahead of their scheduled conference. The email contains details of the conference and provides the organizer with their conference room number and organizer PIN. Additionally, the email also lists all of the toll and toll-free numbers allocated to the organizer for use when dialing into their conference.

View Scheduled Conferences on the Web

1. Log in to your OpenVoice account.

2. In the left navigation, click Invite & Schedule.

3. The Upcoming Conferences tab will list conferences you have scheduled.

Note: You can only see conferences scheduled on the web under the Upcoming Conferences tab.

View a Scheduled Conference on your Outlook Calendar

When you schedule a conference from Outlook, you can see your conference as a meeting on your Outlook calendar.


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