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Troubleshoot the Active Directory Connector

    Need some help?  Review frequently asked troubleshooting questions for the Active Directory Connector (ADC).

    You can also find additional details about ADC events by visiting either of the following:

    • ADC Logs at Windows Event Viewer > Applications and Services Logs > ADCLog
    • ADC log files at C:\ProgramData\LogMeIn\ADConn\logs\

    I'm getting an "Insufficient permissions" error message

    When you configure your Active Directory v2 settings, you will encounter an "Insufficient Permissions" error message if the GoTo admin account you are using does not have an Organization Admin role. Learn how to fix it.

    I can't start the Active Directory Connector service

    If the ADC service won't start, you can try out the solutions below to get the service started again.

    Check the Windows admin account permissions

    The Windows admin account being used for the ADC software must have the "Log on as a service" permission enabled.
    1. In Windows, search for and select Local Security Policy.
    2. Go to Local Policies > User Rights Assignment.
    3. Right-click Log on as a service > Properties > Add User or Group.
    4. Add the ADC Service User (e.g., DOMAIN\username).
    5. Go to Check NamesOKApply to save your changes.
    6. Start the ADC again.

    Check the Windows admin account's read/write access

    The Windows admin account being used must have read/write access to the registry location for the ADC.
    1. Stop the ADC service (if it's running).
    2. In Windows, search for and select regedit.exe.
    3. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\LogMeInInc\ADCv2.
    4. Right-click on the ADCv2 folder and select Permissions....
    5. For the user or its group, check the box to select Full Control then click ApplyOK.
    6. Close the Registry Editor and return to the ADC software, then sign in again with the Windows admin account.
    7. Click Save, then click Start.