Start a Scheduled Conference

Only organizers can start a conference. Organizers can learn to manage their conference settings here.

Start a Conference as an Organizer

1. Using your phone, dial in using a toll or toll-free number available on the conference invite email. Alternatively, you can log in using your organizer credentials and view the dial-in numbers displayed on the My Conferences page.

2. Once you are connected to the conference, you will be asked to enter the Conference Room number followed by the pound (#) key.

3. To confirm you're the organizer, press the star (*) key.

4. Enter your Organizer PIN followed by the pound (#) key . This is a unique number given to the organizer along with their conference number.

Your conference is now in session!

5. If you have chosen to use the optional security code feature for your conference calls, you will be prompted to enter the security code (4-20 digits) followed by the pound (#) key.

6. Once you enter your security code, press 1 on your keypad to begin your conference.


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