How do I verify my login?

Some OpenVoice users may be prompted to complete additional verification steps when they sign in to access their GoTo account. Once you have verified your login and signed in, you can manage trusted devices for your account, which will no longer require this verification process.


Why am I being asked to verify?

The security of your OpenVoice account is our highest priority. If we detect unusual activity or a login attempt from an unidentified or suspicious location, we want to verify that it's really you signing in to access your account.

Can I turn this off for my account?

This is a built-in security feature that exists to help protect your account, and therefore it cannot be disabled. However, once a user verifies their account and successfully signs in, they can add their specific device as a trusted device to their user account profile to prevent verification checks from that device in the future.

Does this replace Multi-Factor Authentication?

No. If you enable Multi-Factor Authentication for your OpenVoice account, you are prompted to enter a code generated by an authenticator app from your paired device. Alternatively, you may be prompted to verify your login if there are contributing high-risk factors involved with your sign-in session.