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What is the GoTo Calendar App?

The GoTo Calendar is GoTo's tool to sync your calendar with GoTo services. Once installed, you will be able to join scheduled meetings with one select from GoTo Room devices or within the GoToConnect app.

GoTo Room

The GoTo Calendar app reads room calendars from Microsoft Office 365 and Google Calendar. It has to be installed once by the account IT admin. Once an admin connects a calendar room resource to GoTo Room, users can join and start scheduled meetings from the GoTo Room device in one tap. Learn more.
  • For Office 365, the GoTo Calendar app is installed while connecting your calendar.
  • For Google Calendar, the GoTo Calendar app must be installed once from the Google Chrome store prior to connecting your calendar.
  • For Microsoft Exchange, the GoTo calendar app is not needed.


The GoTo Calendar app reads user's own Microsoft or Google calendar. Once installed from the GoToConnect dashboard, users can join meetings they've been invited to in one select.