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What is the difference between GoTo Meeting, GoTo Webinar, and GoTo Training?

Wondering which of our collaboration products is best for you? Finding a plan that suits your needs can often be challenging, but we hope our breakdown of plan options can assist in choosing the best plan for you.

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Features GoTo Meeting GoTo Webinar GoTo Training
Attendees must register for the session
Organizers can create custom registration forms
Organizers can approve registration automatically or manually
Organizers can set a limit on how many attendees can register for the session
Attendees receive a unique Join link specific to them
Organizers can lock the session to prevent unexpected attendees
Organizers can launch polls during the session
Users can share their screen and webcams
Users can manage and join sessions from the mobile app
Organizers can send certificates to attendees for joining the session
Organizers can launch activities & breakouts during the session
Organizers can charge attendees for the session
Organizers can view session reports and analytics
Organizers can record the session
Organizers can view a transcription of the session
Attendee limit Up to 250 attendees Up to 3,000 attendees Up to 200 attendees