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What happens if I have a GoTo Room device without a GoTo Meeting license?

Although you do not need a GoTo Meeting account to join meetings from a GoTo Room device, you do need one for other capabilities.

You need a GoTo Meeting license in order to do the following:
  • Integrate your email calendar to the GoTo Room device. In order to view the room's upcoming meeting directly from the hardware, admins must connect the GoTo Room device to an email calendar (Office 365, Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange).
  • Start your own meetings from GoTo Room. If you want to start a meeting from a GoTo Room device, you'll be prompted to sign in to your GoTo Meeting account. Make sure you are using the same login credentials as the meeting organizer's.
  • Activate a new GoTo Room device. If you bought GoTo Room device, you can activate and register the device to a GoTo Meeting account without contacting a GoTo expert!

If you'd like to contact a GoTo expert to learn more about GoTo Meeting, please visit here. If you'd like to purchase a GoTo Meeting plan, please visit here.