What are the Launcher and Web Deployment Plugin?

GoToMeeting uses a "helper" application to launch you into active sessions. When you install the GoToMeeting software, this app is automatically installed on your computer as well. It will also run each time you join or start a session in order to connect you to your LogMeIn service. Due to our recent merge with LogMeIn, Inc, all of our software (including this app) has undergone some changes.

  • Launcher application
    Previously this "helper" application was labeled the “Citrix Online Launcher” app, but versions v1.0, b459 and newer have a brand-new name – the "GoTo Opener" app. If you see an application on your computer named the "Citrix Online Launcher", that means that you've previously joined or started a using the desktop app. Learn how to update to the newest version below.

  • Web Deployment Plugin
    The Citrix Online Web Deployment plugin was previously used by the "helper" application, and it was and installed when you first joined or started a using the desktop app. It allowed your web browser to automatically start the "helper" application, which in turn launched the application. However, the newest version of the "helper" application (the GoTo Opener) no longer requires the use of the Web Deployment Plugin.

Update the Launcher and Plugin

For the large majority of users, this "helper" app will automatically update itself to the newest version (the GoTo Opener), as well as uninstall the Web Deployment plugin.

  • If you still see "Citrix Online Launcher" under your Programs and Features, then you likely had it installed via the multi-user MSI file. See What is the Multi-User Launcher/Opener MSI? to learn how to update it.

  • If you no longer need to host or join sessions from your computer, you can uninstall both the app and the plugin. However, this is not recommended if there is a possibility you will use our software in the future since it can cause unusual join flows.


About the GoTo Opener

What is the Multi-User Launcher/Opener MSI?