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Subscription Plan FAQs

    Because the GoTo Meeting Free plan is automatically included in all paid subscription plan purchases, you may see multiple plans on your account.

    Why are there multiple GoTo Meeting plans on my account?

    When you sign up for a paid GoTo Meeting subscription plan online, we throw in the Free plan as well! This means you can share GoTo Meeting with as many of your friends and colleagues that you'd like.

    As the account admin, you can use the admin portal to specify which users on your account are on the paid or free plan. The paid subscription plans provide users with more advanced features such as recording, co-organizers, phone audio, and more.
    Note: Not all customer accounts have a GoTo Meeting Free plan included. If you are on a corporate account and would like to have the GoTo Meeting Free plan added to your account, reach out your account manager.

    How can I tell which organizer has which subscription plan?

    It's all up to you! As the account admin, you can use the admin portal to specify which of your users have access to each plan. When you first add a user to your account, you are given the option to select which product and plan to assign them.

    If you want to change a user's product plan at any time, go to their user settings and edit the Products.

    What is the difference between the subscription plans?

    The free plan offers the most basic feature that you need to have a successful online meeting such as screen sharing, cameras, and VoIP (computer mic and speakers) audio. However, it does not offer advanced features such as recording, dial-in phone audio, meetings longer than 40 minutes, and more. To upgrade or purchase more paid licenses, view How do I add user licenses on my GoTo Meeting subscription plan?.

    Learn more about the Free plan or compare the different plans that are available to you.