Share Your Screen from GoToConference (TeamShare)

    Whether you're having an in-person meeting equipped with GoToConference or an online meeting with virtual attendees, you can share content from a separate device or use the browser within the system!

    Share your screen during a GoToMeeting session

    If you've started a meeting using GoToConference, you can share content by joining the meeting from a second device and passing the presenter role.

    1. Take a separate device into the conference room and start the meeting.
    2. Join the same meeting from your second device (the one you want to present from) as an attendee via the desktop app, Web App, or mobile/tablet device.
    3. From GoToConference, promote the new laptop/mobile attendee to presenter.
    4. Use the laptop/mobile device to start screen sharing.

    Share content during an in-person meeting

    If you are meeting with only in-room participants, you can share content with no hardware adjustments! This solution is for meetings without any remote attendees (i.e., no other GoToMeeting session is running).

    Share using the in-app browser

    1. Enter the conference room.
    2. Click Present in the left menu.
    3. In the Navigate the Web field, click Open Web Browser.
    4. From the browser, you can access web content such as Google Drive, Office 365, and more.

    Share from a second device

    1. Make sure the second device you are sharing from has Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
    2. Take the second device into the conference room.
    3. Click Present in the left menu.
    4. In the Share your screen field, locate the unique "" URL.
    5. From your second device, open a Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser.
    6. Enter the unique "" URL.
    7. If this is your first time sharing from Google Chrome, you'll be prompted to download the GoToConference Screensharing extension. To continue, click Add extension.
    8. Choose between sharing the device's entire screen or just an application window, then click Share.
    9. To stop sharing content, either click End Presentation in the browser or click the Leave icon in the bottom-left corner of the GoToConference screen.