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Plan Overview: GoTo Meeting for Healthcare

    GoTo Meeting for Healthcare, in conjunction with a Business Associate Agreement (BAA), is HIPAA compatible and tailored for our customers in the healthcare industry including but not limited to hospitals, assisted living, general medicine, and more. See below for a list of features available to GoTo Meeting for Healthcare.

    Note: GoTo Meeting for Healthcare is currently only available in North America.
    Table 1. In-Session Feature Comparison Chart
    In-Session Features  
    Max participant 250
    Join a session (attendees) Yes
    Host a session (organizer) Yes
    Be promoted to co-organizer Yes
    Recording the meeting No
    Connect via Computer audio Yes
    Connect via Telephone Yes
    Call Me Yes (if enhanced audio is added)
    Share your screen Yes
    Share your webcam Yes
    Hide webcams Yes
    Chat with others No
    View all attendees Yes (if enabled by admin)
    Give keyboard and mouse control Yes
    Use drawing tools Yes
    Table 2. Out-of-Session Feature Comparison Chart
    Out-of-session features  
    View Meeting Diagnostics Report Yes
    Chat with Business Messaging No