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Opener has stopped

    Learn how to move the Opener file and join a session successfully.
    Sorry, looks like your Opener has stopped! Due to either lack of disk space or inadequate permissions, we cannot create a folder for the Opener on your computer. You will need to move the Opener file before you can join a session again. Please note that this process may need to be repeated with future product releases.
    1. Open Windows Explorer and then open your default downloads folder. Unless it's been customized, this folder is typically titled Downloads.
    2. Create a new folder inside the download folder for the opener file.
    3. Locate and copy the Opener.exe file (for example, GoToMeeting Opener.exe or GoToAssist Opener.exe) from your Downloads folder into the new folder created in step 2.
    4. Double-click the .exe file in the new folder to join your session.