Mobile Feature Comparison

The features that are available from your mobile device will vary depending on the operating system you are using. Use the chart below to see what is available on each app for iOS and Android devices.

Mobile apps are available on paid plans only. Learn more.

Session Features iOS Android Windows Phone

Join a session as an attendee
Integrate with a calendar app

Be promoted to co-organizer

Schedule and manage meetings *
Start scheduled sessions *
Start instant "Meet Now" sessions *
Promote other attendees to organizer *
Invite others to sessions *
Connect via mic and speakers (VoIP)
Connect via telephone (PSTN)
Be muted upon joining

Mute/unmute other attendees *
Screen and content sharing
View the Presenter's screen
Share your screen
Share a video
Share a real whiteboard
Share content from a virtual whiteboard

(iPad only)

Share content from the cloud

(iPad only)

Share a web page

(iPad only)

See the audience's view of your screen

(iPad only)

Promote other attendees to Presenter *
Webcams (HDFaces)
Share your own webcam

View shared webcams
Hide webcams

Features and tools
Chat with others
View all attendees
Take keyboard and mouse control
Use drawing tools
Dismiss attendees from session *
Record the session
(cloud recording)

(cloud recording)