How do I integrate GoToMeeting with HipChat?

GoToMeeting for Atlassian’s Hipchat allows you to add GoToMeeting to all Hipchat rooms, or any room that you created.

If you already have a GoToMeeting account, a Welcome post allows you to link your account to HipChat. Then you’re ready to go. By simply typing /meet, you can initiate a meeting. If you have set up your personal meeting space (< your-meeting-name-here >), then each time you launch a meeting, it will use your personal meeting space. Otherwise, it generates a one-time meeting.

Anyone in the room can join your meeting by simply clicking on the meeting link.

If other room members want to launch meetings, they can use the Welcome message link to connect their GoToMeeting account with the particular Hipchat room and launch their own meetings from the room.

Install the GoToMeeting Integration

1. Log into Hipchat.

2. In the HipChat Marketplace, locate and click the GoToMeeting for HipChat tile.

3. The GoToMeeting for HipChat overview displays. Choose Add Integration.

4. You can select the rooms you want to add GoToMeeting to. The drop down list includes only those rooms you created. Select your new room and click Continue.

5. A message displays informing you about the integration. Choose Approve.

6. You return to your chat room feed. A welcome message displays with a link. Click Link your GoToMeeting account.

7. Depending on whether you are already logged into GoToMeeting on your current computer or device, you may be:

a. Taken through the sign-in steps.

b. Asked to Allow the HipChat integration access to your account.

Once you have signed into GoToMeeting and allowed access, you see the success page.

8. You can close the success page. The installation is complete.

If other room members want to link their GoToMeeting accounts to the room, they can click this same link.


Meet in HipChat

Using HipChat for meetings is easy.

1. Type /meet into your chat feed and press Enter.

2. If you are signed in and have a personal meeting space set up, GoToMeeting creates a link to launch a meeting in that space.

If you are signed in and do not have a personal space, GoToMeeting creates a link to a one-time meeting.

3. Click the meeting link to start the meeting.

4. Other room members will also see the meeting link and can click on the link to join the meeting.

to GoToMeeting in HipChat

Make sure you are signed in to GoToMeeting in HipChat when you use it.

1. If you are not signed in, and you enter /meet in your chat feed, you are asked to link to your account. Click the Link request.

2. HipChat automatically signs you back into your GoToMeeting account.

3. You can also click the GoToMeeting button in the HipChat sidebar and make sure you are signed into your GoToMeeting account.

4. HipChat signs you into the account automatically.