How do I view meeting diagnostics?

    Account admins and organizers can view meeting diagnostics as a tool to monitor audio and video quality. This report can help identify and troubleshoot root causes for meeting quality issues.

    Meeting Diagnostic reports are available for 6 months after the session. Meeting Diagnostics Report

    View meeting diagnostics (organizers)

    1. Open the GoTo desktop app on your computer or sign in from a browser.
    2. Click the Past tab and enable the Recorded toggle.
    3. Select the session to open its details.
    4. Click View diagnostics.

      Note: If you do not see this button, try clearing your browser's cache.

    5. The report will open in a new window or browser tab. Each report displays the following:

      • Meeting name, ID, and total number of participants
      • Features used (computer audio,telephone, webcam, screen sharing, and recording)
      • Attendee details
      • Latency – delays typically resulted across wireless network
      • Packet loss – delays resulted when one or more packets of data traveling across a computer network fail to reach their destination due to network congestion or wireless issues
      • Ability to download attendee list

    6. To download the attendee list, click Download Attendee List at the bottom of the report.

    View meeting diagnostics (admins)

    1. Log in at
    2. Click Manage Users in the left menu and search for the desired user.
    3. Under "Product Usage", click View meeting history and diagnostics. You'll be redirected to the user's meeting history page.
    4. Locate the desired meeting and click the First Aid Kit icon.
    5. The report will open in a new browser tab!

      View Meeting Diagnostics Report