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How do I try labs features?

    GoTo Meeting offers several beta features known as "Labs", which include exciting new ways to enhance your meetings.

    Keep in mind that when you use a Labs feature, you are agreeing to use a feature that has not been fully tested and may still have some bugs. If you decide you no longer want to use a lab feature, you can always disable the feature from your Control Panel.

    Downloading the desktop app is available on paid plans only. Learn more.

    Enable/disable Labs features in desktop app

    If you end a session with one or more Labs features enabled, then GoTo Meeting will remember your preference when you next start or join a session.

    • To enable a Labs feature, click GoTo Meeting > Labs in the top menu. Then select the desired feature; once enabled, it will display a Check icon .
    • To disable a Labs feature, select it again in the Labs menu. Once the feature is disabled, the Check icon will disappear.

    Note: The first time you enable a Labs feature, you will be prompted to accept the terms of use. Click Agree to continue.

    Show profile pictures for attendees

    This feature allows attendees to add profile pictures to their names in the Attendee pane.
    Note: Image must be smaller than 1260x960p (200k).
    • To add their profile pictures, Windows and Mac desktop attendees can drag and drop an image file into the Attendees pane. GoTo Meeting will remember profile pictures for future sessions that have this feature enabled.
    • To remove their pictures, they can right-click their name and select Clear My Profile Picture.

    Allow "sharing a rectangle" for screen sharing (Windows only)

    Note: This feature is available to Presenters as well as organizers.

    This feature allows you to select a specific portion of your screen (denoted by a framed area) to share with attendees. In the Viewer, click Share something else and Rectangle or Rectangle - But, hide my icons & taskbar. When you select one of the new options, a floating GoTo Meeting rectangle will appear on your screen. You can click and drag the edges of the rectangle to change its size and shape as desired, then drag it around the screen to frame the area you want to share. Only the area within the frame will be shown to attendees. The attendee's Viewer will automatically resize itself to match the shape of the frame on your screen.

    Show Control Panel to attendees (Windows only)

    Note: This feature is available to Presenters as well as organizers.

    By default, your Control Panel is hidden from attendees when you are sharing your screen. If desired, you can use this feature to have your Control Panel be visible on the shared screen.