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How do I schedule and manage meetings using the Google Calendar Chrome extension?

Use the GoTo Meeting Chrome Extension to schedule and start meetings directly from your Google Calendar. Scheduling within the calendar will allow you to send meeting invitations to your contacts.

Notice: The GoTo Meeting Google Chrome extension is no longer available in the web store. We encourage you to switch to the GoTo Meeting Add-On for Google Calendar.

Schedule a meeting in Google Calendar

  1. In Google Calendar, click the desired time slot and select Create. An event will be added to your calendar. Select Edit Event to open the meeting details.
    Note: To add a recurring meeting, click the Repeatoption below the meeting date and time. In the Repeat window, you will be able to set the recurring pattern and modify the date and times as necessary.
  2. The GoTo Meeting extension will be displayed under Event details. If you are not logged in, click Sign in to log into your GoTo Meeting account. Note that you will need to approve access to your GoTo Meeting profile if this is your first time logging in through Google Calendar. If you hit this request, select Allow.
  3. Select Add to link your GoTo Meeting account to this event. Pre-populated session information for the meeting (including Join links and dial-in numbers) will display in the Description field. If you have preferred countries set, these are used.
  4. Invite attendees by adding their email addresses in the Guest field. Select Email when finished.

Edit a meeting via Google Calendar

You can easily update the audio settings or add a co-organizer to any session via Google Calendar. All saved edits will be automatically updated in the pre-populated description field.
Note: Audio settings are inherited from your account Settings page.
  1. Select the desired meeting then select the Edit icon . This will launch a small Edit Options window.
    • Audio tab: Choose and edit audio options.
    • Co-organizer tab: Search for and add co-organizers within your GoTo Meeting account.