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How do I report audio issues? (Classic)

    If you are experiencing issues with your computer audio (computer mic and speakers) connection during a meeting, record a sample of the audio and send it to the GoTo Meeting development team. Doing so can help us collect more thorough data and better diagnose commonly encountered audio issues.

    Please note that this feature is meant to provide feedback to the GoTo Meeting team. It is not intended as a forum for you to request assistance. Instead, you can use the GoTo Meeting Community for troubleshooting or select Contact Support to get in touch with our Customer Care team .

    Report issues from the desktop app

    1. Select the GoTo Meeting drop-down menu and Report Audio Issues.
      Note: This option will not be available if the session is already being recorded.
    2. Fill out the Report Audio Issues window with your audio experience and feedback, and then select Start Recording. GoTo Meeting will begin recording 60 seconds of audio data from each attendee and organizer connected via microphone and speakers. Organizers should warn attendees to refrain from discussing confidential topics as the recording sample will be sent to the GoTo Meeting development team.
    3. Select Send Feedback and Recording to submit the recording to the GoTo Meeting team.

    Report issues from the browser-based GoTo Meeting app

    1. Select the Settings icon in the top toolbar.
    2. In the Audio tab, scroll to the bottom and select Report audio issues.