How do I remove the GoToMeeting Add-On for Google Calendar?

    When you remove the GoToMeeting Add-On, any existing and scheduled meetings will remain on your calendar and in your GoToMeeting account.

    Remove Add-On

    1. From your Google Calendar, click the Plus icon in the right toolbar to open the G Suite Marketplace.
    2. Search for the GoToMeeting Add-On.
    3. Click the More icon and then Remove.
    4. To confirm removal of the add-on, click Remove App.

    Delete Add-On from G Suite (admins only)

    Admins can remove the GoToMeeting Add-On for Google Calendar from their organization's account.

    1. From the Admin console, Apps then G Suite Marketplace apps.
    2. Find and click GoToMeeting.
    3. Click the Trash icon in the upper toolbar.
    4. To confirm, click Remove App.