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How do I record a meeting? (Classic)

    Organizers and co-organizers can record any meeting and make it available for anyone to view at a later time. When a meeting is recorded, the presenter's screen, the audio conference, and any shared applications are included.

    We recommend having two organizers record the session in case one encounters any issues that may potentially disrupt the recording.
    Note: We have a new GoTo app! This article covers the classic GoTo Meeting experience. View Record a Meeting for the new GoTo.
    1. Ensure that you are sharing your screen or an application to include them in the session recording (if desired).
    2. Click the Record icon in the top bar of the Viewer or Grab Tab.
      Note: If you are using local recording, make sure you have at least 5GB of free space in the Documents folder.

    3. The Recording icon will change, and attendees will see a notification that the session is being recorded.
    4. To stop your recording, hover over the Record icon and click Stop Your Recording. Alternatively, you can end the session.
    5. Once the session is over, you'll be prompted with the Recording Manager to convert the recording (if using local recording) or you'll be taken to your web account (if using cloud recording) where you can access the recording. Note that it will take a couple minutes for the latest recording to appear.