How do I manage meetings using the Google Calendar Add-On?

    The GoTo Meeting add-on lets you view, schedule, and edit meetings directly from your Google Calendar. Once you schedule a meeting, you can customize the description and invite guests.

    1. From your Google Calendar, schedule an event.
    2. Select GoTo add-on in the right toolbar. If prompted, sign in to your GoTo Meeting account.
    3. Choose a meeting room option.
      • Use an existing meeting room – Attach your personal meeting room or another room you have created.
      • Create a new meeting room – Create a new recurring meeting room.
      • Create a dedicated meeting – Generate a one-time session ID.
    4. Select Add.
    5. To edit your meeting details, select Edit Meeting. You can update audio settings, personalize your meeting link and start page theme color, add co-organizers, and require a meeting password.

      Note: These changes will sync with your GoTo Meeting account.

    6. To invite attendees, enter your attendee's email address in the Guests column of the event and hit Enter. Once you're done, select Save.