How do I integrate GoToMeeting with Slack?

    The Slack integration makes it easy to meet with coworkers directly from a Slack channel or message.As long as you have both a GoToMeeting account and a Slack account, you can easily host or join a one-time GoToMeeting session via the desktop app, web, or mobile app.

    Add the GoToMeeting app to Slack (admins only)

    1. Add GoToMeeting to Slack in the following ways:

    2. Once you see the "Integration success!" page, you're ready to connect Slack to your GoToMeeting account.

    Connect Slack to your GoToMeeting account

    This connection should only have to be done once. However, in some cases you may be prompted to sign in to GoToMeeting again.
    1. In the Apps section, click GoToMeeting > Sign in.Sign In to GoToMeeting from Slack
    2. This will open the GoToMeeting sign in page in your default browser.
    3. Sign in using your GoToMeeting credentials (i.e., email and password) and click Allow. Once successful, you'll see a "You're all set!" page.
    4. You' ready to start and join meetings! Go back to your Slack application to do so.

    Start a meeting from Slack

    1. In the direct message or channel, type one of the following commands.

      • /goto – Create and start a one-time meeting.
      • /goto start – Start a meeting in your personal room.
      • /start – Select one of your scheduled meetings and post meeting invite to a separate message thread or channel.
      Start Meeting rom Slack

    2. This will send an invite to the participants in the Slack channel. Note that only the organizer of the meeting will need both a GoToMeeting and a Slack account.

      Note: You can edit the display hone number in your GoToMeeting settings page. The invitation will display your preferred phone number, the U.S. number (if country is selected) or the number of the first selected country sorted alphabetically.

    3. Click Join. The meeting will launch in a browser.

    Configure the Slack Call button to start a GoToMeeting session (Slack admins only)

    Changing the default call option to GoToMeeting will automatically start a GoToMeeting session when users in that workspace click the Call button in Slack.

    1. In the Slack app, click the workspace name.
    2. Click Settings & administration > Workspace settings.
    3. In the "Calls" section, click Expand.
    4. Make sure Allow video calls in Slack is enabled.
    5. Under that setting, select GoToMeeting and click Save.Set GoToMeeting as Slack Default

    Additional GoToMeeting commands in Slack

    Use Slack commands to quickly start a meeting, view your recordings, sign out, and more.

    Type in the desired /goto command from the list below into the Message field.

    • /goto join [meeting ID/name] – Join someone else's meeting via meeting ID or personal room name
    • /goto recordings – See your 10 most recent meeting recordings (requires GoToMeeting account).
    • /goto rooms – See your 5 most recent meetings (requires GoToMeeting account)
    • /goto sign in – Sign in to GoToMeeting for Slack
    • /goto sign out – Sign out of your GoToMeeting account
    • /goto help – See all available GoToMeeting for Slack commands

    Send meeting feedback to the organizer and other participants

    After the meeting ends, Slack will launch a meeting poll. Attendees can give feedback via emojis directly from Slack. Simply click on an emoji and watch the feedback count go up!
    Note: Meeting polls only launch in publick Slack channels.