How do I integrate GoToMeeting with Alexa?

    You can link your GoToMeeting account to your Amazon Alexa to easily manage your meeting by voice! The GoToMeeting for Alex skill allows you to schedule and reschedule meetings and have Alexa read out the list of your upcoming meetings.

    As long as you have both a GoToMeeting account and an Amazon Alexa device, you're ready to start using this virtual assistant!
    Note: This integration is only available in English speaking regions including the United Kingdom, India, Canada, Australia, and United States.

    Enable the GoToMeeting for Alexa skill

    Before you can start using the GoToMeeting for Alexa skill, you will need to link your GoToMeeting and Alexa accounts.
    1. In a browser or from your mobile Alexa app, open Alexa Skill and click Enable skill in the "Manage this Skill" box.
    2. Select Link Account. This will launch the GoToMeeting Sign In page.
    3. Enter your GoToMeeting credentials (email address and password) and click Sign In.
    4. A new browser page will launch with a "GoToMeeting for Alexa has been successfully linked" message. You're now ready to manage meetings by voice!

    GoToMeeting commands and phrases

    You can use the Alexa app to schedule (and reschedule) meetings and read out a list of your scheduled meetings. Once a new meeting is scheduled, you'll notice the new entry in your list of Upcoming Meetings. Use this comprehensive list of phrases and commands you can use to interact with Alexa.
    List of commands
    • Ask
    • Tell
    • Launch
    • Open
    List of actions
    • Get my meetings for [date]
    • Reschedule my [meeting name] meeting from [current date/time] to [updated date/time]
    • Schedule a [meeting name] meeting for [date/time]
    List of example phrases
    • Hey Alexa, ask GoToMeeting to get my meetings for today.
    • Hey Alexa, tell GoToMeeting to reschedule my Monthly Review meeting from today at 12PM PDT to tomorrow at 12PM PDT.
    • Hey Alexa, open GoToMeeting and schedule a Monthly Review meeting for tomorrow at 12PM PDT.