Connect Your Microsoft Exchange Calendar to GoToRoom

Admins can connect their Exchange calendar to GoToRoom which allows account users to set a room as the meeting location from their Exchange calendar and to view upcoming meetings scheduled in the room directly from the GoToRoom device.
Before you begin...

Connect your Exchange calendar (Admins only)

  1. Sign in to the LogMeIn Admin Center.
  2. Click Admin Settings in the left menu.
  3. Under GoToRoom and Calendar Integration, click Microsoft Exchange.
  4. Enter the following information.

    • Service account email address
    • Service account password
    • Exchange server URL if your Autodiscover service is not configured

  5. Review and accept our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.
  6. Click Connect. You're ready to manage your rooms and calendars! Click Open Manage Rooms.
  7. A list of your rooms will be displayed. Click Add a calendar next to the desired room and map it to the calendar of your choice.