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Cancellation and Refund FAQs

Before you cancel your account, please review the following frequently asked questions.

How do I cancel my plan?

We're sorry to see you go! If you decide that you want to cancel your GoTo Meeting subscription plan, you can learn how to cancel here.

Billing contacts for corporate accounts can submit a request to Corporate Account Services, or contact their dedicated GoTo representative directly.

What happens when I cancel?

You will continue to have access to the product(s) and features on your subscription plan until it expires at the end of your billing period. To learn when your next billing period will end, refer to How do I access my invoice history? Your subscription will reflect a "Pending Cancellation" status until that time, meaning that you can reactivate the cancelled account without any interruption to the service.

If your account also includes a GoTo Meeting Free plan:

When you cancel your subscription plan, the following changes will occur on your account:

  • You keep the GoTo Meeting Free plan. The GoTo Meeting Free plan will remain active, so you can choose to switch all of your organizers to this plan using the GoTo Admin Center (classic). If you do not switch them they will be able to still sign in and view their meetings, but won't be able to start them until you provision them with a license with the GoTo Meeting Free product assigned.
  • We keep your meetings. All of the currently scheduled meetings on your account will remain scheduled without any interruption in service. The only difference is that now when you start them, you will be hosting using the GoTo Meeting Web App instead of the desktop app or mobile apps.
  • ...and allow you to schedule more! That's right, we didn't actually cancel your plan; we just locked the more advanced features like shared webcams, session recording and installable software (which aren't available on the free service).
  • We remove telephone numbers from scheduled meetings. If you provided toll or toll-free phone numbers in your previously scheduled meetings, you'll be switched over to VoIP audio only (since dial-in audio is not available on the free service).

If you need to continue using advanced features like webcams, recording and dial-in phone numbers, please consider remaining on your paid subscription plan.

If your account does not include a GoTo Meeting Free plan:

When you cancel your subscription plan, you and the organizers on your account will no longer be able to do the following:

  • Sign in to your account online
  • Schedule or host
  • Access session history
  • Access data and reports about your previous sessions (including scheduled reports that have not yet been sent)

When will changes take place?

Since your subscription plan is pre-paid, you will keep your service until your billing period ends. This means that you and your users will not lose access to any of the features within your subscription plan until your current billing period ends and your subscription plan expires.

Will I receive a credit or refund?

No. Since your subscription plan is pre-paid, you will keep your service until the billing period ends and your subscription plan expires.

Can I swap or trade one product for another?

No, you cannot swap or trade products. All product subscriptions are independent of one another. If you want to subscribe to another plan in place of your existing subscription, you must first cancel your current plan (which will remain on your account in a state of "Pending Cancellation" allowing you to continue to use the service until your billing period ends), then add a new subscription plan for your desired product.