From Your Jive Phone

  1. Dial the conference bridge extension.
  2. Enter the conference bridge participant or host pin (if required).
  3. Record your name and then press # (if required).

From a Remote Phone

There are three ways for callers to access a conference bridge externally:

  • The caller is blind transferred to the conference bridge extension.
  • The caller is routed to the conference bridge through a dial plan (auto attendant node or conference room node).
  • The caller dials a phone number that is directed to the conference bridge.

Once connected, you may be prompted to enter a conference bridge pin and/or to record your name.

In-Call Conferencing Controls

There are a number of in-call conferencing controls. Controls vary based on whether participants access the conference bridge as a participant or host.

  1. Dial * to access conferencing controls.
  • 1: Mutes/Unmutes your microphone.
  • 2: Locks/Unlocks the conference. (Host Only)*
  • 3: Ejects the last user who joined the conference. (Host Only)*
  • 4: Decreases the conference volume.
  • 5: No action.
  • 6: Increases the conference volume.
  • 7: Decreases your microphone volume.
  • 8: Exits the in-call conferencing controls menu.
  • 9: Increases your microphone volume.

*Hosts cannot be locked out of a conference bridge or ejected once they have joined.