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What are the requirements for my PoE switch?

It is important to ensure that your PoE switch has sufficient power output to power your phones. Check the available power of the Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch and the power consumption for each phone you plan on having connected to the switch to make sure that the PoE power output is greater than the power consumed by all the phones on the switch combined. Depending on how many phones you have, you may need to add PoE switches to your network to power all your phones adequately – even if you have sufficient ports on the switch.

For example, the power consumption for a VVX 500 is 5.0W. 10 phones x 5.0W = a PoE switch that has at least50W.

Max power consumption for any phone would be 15.4W, which can be used as a safe upper limit if you can’t find the specific power consumption information for your phone model in the Manufacturer's Administrator Guide.