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What are GoTo Connect's IP blocks?

    Our handsets must have unfiltered access to our IPv4 and IPv6 network ranges listed below to run successfully.

    Description Block Netmask Wildcard
    GoTo Connect Block 1
    GoTo Connect Block 2
    GoTo Connect Block 3
    GoTo Connect Block 4
    GoTo Connect Block 5
    GoTo Connect Block 6
    GoTo Connect Block 7
    GoTo Connect IPv6 GoToConnect IPv6 2606:CB00::/32

    Our recommendation is to create explicit rules that allow traffic to and from our IP blocks (LAN→ WAN and WAN→ LAN) and set them high in priority — even if this is implicitly stated in other access rules down the list. Be sure that the phones are using a reliable DNS server as a DNS failure can delay or prevent call setup. We strongly recommend using Google’s DNS servers, and

    Article last updated: 22 April, 2022