Step #5: Create and Assign Groups to Bookmark Apps

    Add a group for each of the Bookmark apps that you created, then assign your groups to each of the Bookmark apps for provisioning GoTo products.

    Note: If you are provisioning GoTo Webinar or GoTo Training, you are also required to create a GoTo Meeting group and assign it to the GoTo Meeting Bookmark app (as GoTo Meeting is included in both GoTo Webinar and GoTo Training by default).
    • Create groups for each Bookmark app.
      1. In the Okta admin portal, go to Directory > Groups in the left navigation.
      2. Select Add Group.
      3. Enter a name (e.g., GoTo Meeting Group) and description.
      4. Select Save.

        Result: A group for each Bookmark app has been created.

    • Assign groups to each Bookmark app.
      1. Go to Applications > Applications in the left navigation.
      2. Select your desired (GoTo product) Bookmark app.
      3. Select the Assignments tab.
      4. Select the Assign drop-down menu.
      5. Locate your desired group (e.g., GoTo Meeting Group) and select Assign > Done.
    The groups you created have been assigned to the Bookmark app for each GoTo product.