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How do I set up a schedule to share my reports?

Use the schedule manager to set up a one-time or recurring cadence for sharing your custom reports (boards) with others in your company.

Before you begin: You can only share the custom boards that you own so make sure to create your custom board first before setting up the sharing schedule.
Currently, reports can only be shared as a read-only URL link through email.
  1. Sign in to our GoTo desktop/web app.
  2. Select Analytics to launch the analytics site.
    Fastpath: You can also bookmark this URL to launch it directly outside of the GoTo app.
  3. From Tools > Schedule manager, select + New schedule.
  4. Complete the required fields.
    Attention: If the Board field is blank, it is because you either do not have any custom boards saved or you are not the owner of the custom boards.
  5. Select Schedule when you are done. You can create multiple schedules for a single board.
  6. Optional: If you need to pause the schedule for a board, select the pause icon next to the desired board. When you are ready to resume the schedule, select the play icon. Doing so will share the board immediately with the recipients and then continue with the regular schedule.

    Example: You have a board scheduled to be shared every Wednesday. You pause it on the Tuesday before a holiday and then resume the schedule the Tuesday following the holiday. The board will be shared with the recipients on both Tuesday after resuming the schedule and then again on the regularly scheduled Wednesday.

What to do next: If you need to make changes or delete a schedule altogether, select the applicable icon from the Actions column next to the desired schedule. Please note that you will only have actions available if you own the custom board.