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How do I integrate with Zendesk?

    GoTo Connect’s Zendesk integration merges your phone with your CRM (customer relationship management). When someone calls you, GoTo Connect searches the caller ID within Zendesk and returns any customer records that match. You can quickly initiate an outbound call using click to call, add new contacts, create/assign new tickets to a contact and, launch their contact record for more information.

    Before you begin: You must be signed in as an administrator on your Zendesk account to install GoTo for your organization.
    1. From Zendesk, go to Apps > Marketplace > GoTo Integrations and then select the GoTo Integrations tile.
    2. Click Install.
    3. From your home screen, select Zendesk Icon in the top right corner.
    4. Select Sign In and then log in with your GoTo Connect credentials.
    What to do next: When you initiate a call from the app, it first sends the call to your desk phone or softphone (the app must be open), waits for you to pick it up, and then finally completes the call to the outbound number.