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Additional Information about the Universal Service Fee

Learn about the Universal Service Fee and how it is applied so there are no surprises when it is listed on your invoices.

What is the Universal Service Fee on my bill?

The FCC permits companies that provide telecommunications services to recover the cost of their federally-required contributions to the Federal Universal Service Fund (“FUSF”) directly from their customers in the form of a Universal Service Fee (“USF”), which is typically charged as a percentage of each customer’s monthly bill.

The USF item on your monthly GoTo Connect invoice represents a percentage of your monthly bill collected by GoTo Connect to help recover the cost of our mandatory contributions to the FUSF. GoTo Connect does not (and is not permitted to) collect an amount from customers that exceeds our contribution to the FUSF.

What is the Federal Universal Service Fund?

Companies offering telecommunications services are required by law to contribute a percentage of their interstate and international revenues to the Federal Universal Service Fund or FUSF, a government program established in 1997 by the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) to help fund government-administered programs that subsidize telecommunications and broadband services for low-income consumers, schools, libraries, and healthcare facilities, as well as for individuals living in rural and high-cost areas. Each quarter, the FCC reviews the applicable FUSF rate and adjusts the amount that each telecommunications company is required to contribute.

Will the Universal Service Fee be the same each month?

No. You may notice that the USF amount on your bill will vary each month. The actual amount of the USF on your bill represents a percentage of the fees for your telecommunications services which are subject to USF (such as fees from state-to-state long-distance, international, toll free state-to-state, and directory assistance calls) on your monthly bill. Because the FCC reviews and adjusts the percentage for applicable FUSF contribution rates each quarter, the USF line item on your invoice will also be subject to fluctuation.

For example, it’s possible that you may have noticed an increase in your total fees for your December 2019 invoice due to the FCC‘s most recent increase to the USF contribution rate.