Which VLAN discoveries are supported?

See below to learn which VLAN discoveries we support.

Cisco VLANs

  • Supports CDP and LLDP.
    • If both CDP and LLDP-MED are enabled, the network policy for the VLAN is determined by the last policy set or changed with either discovery mode.
    • If both LLDP-MED and CDP are enabled, the phone sends both CDP and LLDP-MED PDUs at the same time during startup.
  • Inconsistent configuration and behavior for network connectivity devices for CDP and LLDP-MED modes could result in an oscillating rebooting behavior for the phone due to switching to different VLANs. If the VLAN is not set via CDP and LLDP-MED, the VLAN ID that is configured manually is used. If the VLAN ID is not configured manually, no VLAN will be supported.

Polycom VLANs

  • Supports CDP and LLDP.
    • Local Flash (static vlan tag) overrides LLDP.
    • LLDP overrides CDP.
    • CDP overrides DHCP VLAN Discovery.

Panasonic VLANs

  • CDP and LLDP support varies by model.
Phone LLDP Support CDP Support
KX-UT Series X  
KX-UTG Series X  
KX-TGP 600 X  
KX-TGP 500/550    
  • Supports LLDP only.


  • Option to enable LLDP in web interface, but does not appear to be enabled by default.