GoToMeeting for Salesforce

GoToMeeting for Salesforce provides a means of managing your meetings in your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application. You can schedule, update, cancel and start meetings directly from a contact page in Salesforce. This lets you and your team keep future and past meetings linked directly to your contacts. Meeting history created in GoToMeeting is synchronized automatically on a nightly basis.

GoToMeeting for Salesforce lets you:

  • Schedule meetings for your Salesforce leads, contacts or opportunities
  • Update meeting details
  • Cancel or delete upcoming meetings
  • Start scheduled or ad hoc meetings
  • Sync and review your meeting history

Using GoToMeeting for Salesforce

Scheduling or starting an ad hoc meeting can be done from the Leads, Contacts or Opportunities pages.

Once a meeting is scheduled or completed, you can review the details of the meeting in the Event Detail view.