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Getting started with GoTo Resolve MDM

This article helps you to get started with managing your devices in GoTo Resolve MDM.

1. Welcome to GoTo Resolve MDM

After the registration, you are will be taken to the Welcome page on your new GoTo Resolve MDM site. This page is designed for our users to smoothly get started with GoTo Resolve MDM.

From the Welcome page, you can easily start setting up your device environment and as well as find guidelines when choosing the right management method for your organization's device.

2. Add device users

In order to have a reliable device registry, it’s important to assign devices to their users. Devices can be linked to their users when enrolling in GoTo Resolve MDM, and therefore, it is recommended to add users to your site before the device enrollment.

If you are using the Android Enterprise solution, device users have to be in the system, in order to create the managed Google Play account. This account is essential for application deployment to work properly on Android devices.

The first user is created with the credentials given when the site is registered. To add a new device user, go to Company > Users in GoTo Resolve MDM.

  1. Select the Add button.
  2. Type in the user details. Please make sure you have entered your email address and phone number correctly since these can be used for enrolling devices to your site.

You may later add more users manually to GoTo Resolve MDM, or use some other available method, like CSV file import, to add users.

3. Device enrollment

Enrolling your devices to GoTo Resolve MDM is the first step in beginning to manage them. The enrollment process connects devices to the system by installing an agent or MDM profile on them. GoTo Resolve MDM supports several enrollment methods and the enrollment steps may vary between the different device platforms.

The most common way to enroll devices in GoTo Resolve MDM is to use the enrollment wizard in Enrollment > Enroll device.

  1. Choose the device type by clicking the correct platform.
  2. Follow the instructions in the wizard in order to enroll the device to GoTo Resolve MDM.

4. Next steps

After these steps, you are ready to start managing devices with GoTo Resolve MDM. You can do various things with your new GoTo Resolve MDM site:

Article last updated: 26 June, 2023