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Working with Support Sessions when the End user is not present

Unattended access allows an agent to connect to a remote computer when the end user is not present.

Note: The maximum number of devices set up for unattended access per GoTo Resolve account is 10000.

Providing remote support when the remote user is not present at the device (a.k.a. unattended support session)

  1. Hover over a device in the Pro Devices list.
  2. Click the Remote control option on the right.
  3. When prompted, enter your Signature key.
    Note: Your remote support session is displayed in the Support page of the Console.
  4. Connect to the end user's device:
    • A timer is displayed on the screen. If the end user is present at the remote computer and disregards the support request, click Connect now when the 60 seconds elapse.
    • A message notifies you that the end user is not present at the remote computer and you can click Connect now to initiate the session.
      Note: Remote support sessions of this kind can also be initiated on Samsung devices with an Android operating system.
Article last updated: 14 April, 2023