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Working with Session Recordings

GoTo Resolve can optionally make a recording of all on-screen activity during a GoTo Resolve session.

The availability of the Session recording feature depends on an account-level setting in GoTo Admin.

Enabling Session Recordings

Admins and Super admins can enable or disable automatic session recording in GoTo Admin as described in Remote Support System Settings in GoTo Admin.

When an agent belonging to an account for which session recording is enabled starts a GoTo Resolve support session, session recording automatically begins. The end user is notified that the session is being recorded.

Recording stops when the session ends.

Note: End users on a free plan cannot disable automatic session recording.

Playing Session Recordings

Soon after the recorded session ends, the recording becomes available on the Reporting page of the GoTo ResolveConsole under the bar chart of the reports. To play the recording, choose either of the following options.

  • To stream the recording without leaving the Reporting page, hover over the session you want to replay and click it. Then under Session records click the PLAY icon.
  • To download the recording, start playing the file and select the three dots on the far right at the bottom of the screen and click the DOWNLOAD icon.

    GoTo Resolve session recordings are saved to .mkv format and should be played back using VLC media player.

Important: Once a recording is deleted, it cannot be restored. You can query and download, or delete recordings using the API. Starting from August 15 2023, recordings will be stored for 90 days.

Who can play back a session recording?

Any agent or admin can access and play back session recordings. However, you must be a member of the account where you want to view recordings. In other words, you can view session recordings of multiple accounts if you are a member of those accounts; but you cannot view recordings of other accounts.

Tip: Can't see the recording? As an admin, make sure that session recordings are enabled. In GoTo Admin, go to Settings > Remote Support. On the System settings tab, make sure that Session recording is enabled.
Article last updated: 14 July, 2023