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Working with Helpdesk Reports

    Learn how to customize your report's view, see the details of helpdesk tickets, and download your report.

    Helpdesk reports show you how your agents perform in helping end-users. The report organizes details into the following view. Depending on how you group your report, different details are listed under the chart.

    Figure 1. Default view of helpdesk reports, grouped by tickets

    How to filter sessions

    At the top of the Reporting page, you have the following options to filter your session report:

    Date range
    To view a report for a specific date range when tickets were created, select the Date range filter. You can either select a date range with the calendar or choose a pre-defined rage at the top of the page.
    Helpdesk service
    Select the helpdesk service from the drop-down list where you want to see reports.
    Group report data
    Select the Group by filter to organize report data into the view that best suits your needs. You can group report items by day, week, month, agent, category, and end-user. For example, to see how many tickets your agents closed, group your report data by Agent.
    • Only tickets for the selected date range and helpdesk service are displayed.
    • When you group data by Agent, the Unassigned row displays those tickets that were not assigned to any agent during the selected date range.
    Important: Depending on how you group your report data, you see different details under the chart. For example, when you group your report by day, you see the tags attached to the tickets, but you would not see the same information when you group by agent.
    Sort by report data
    Select a column header in the report to list sessions by a report detail. For example, to list tickets by the time it took to close the ticket, select Closing time at the top of your session list.

    How to export reports to CSV

    To download a copy of your report, do the following:

    1. Select Export CSV at the top of the page.
    2. Select a date range and date format for your report.
    3. Select Download.

    Your report is saved to your default download folder.

    How to view report details

    The Console provides detailed information on your helpdesk tickets. Select a row in the report list or click into the chart to see the following details:

    Ticket ID
    Internal identifier of the helpdesk ticket.
    Date created
    Date and time when the ticket was created.
    Date closed
    Date and time when the ticket was closed.
    Current status of the ticket.
    Average closing time
    Total time an agent needed to resolve and close the ticket. This is the duration of time between creating and closing a ticket. Only closed tickets have Closing time displayed. The Total time at the bottom of the chart displays the average closing time of all tickets listed.
    First response time

    Average time it takes for an agent between ticket creation and taking one of the following actions:

    • Comment visible to the end-user was added by agent from the Console
    • Comment added by agent in the Microsoft Teams app
    • Comment added by agent in the Slack app
    • Remote session started from the ticket editor
    • Remote session started from Microsoft Teams
    • Remote session started from Slack

    If the ticket was closed without taking any of the actions above, then first response time equals ticket assigned time, that is the time between creating tickets and assigning them to the agent.

    Assigned to
    Name of the agent who's currently assigned to the ticket.
    Requested by
    Name of the user who created the ticket.
    Name of the category currently assigned to the ticket.
    Priority or urgency of the ticket, which is one of the following:
    • Urgent
    • High
    • Medium (default)
    • Low
    Number of Tickets
    Number of tickets created by an end-user. Only available when you group tickets by End User.
    Ticket statuses
    Number of tickets currently available in the following ticket statues: Closed, Backlog, Assigned, Unassigned, Unresolved, and Reopened.
    Helpdesk service
    Name of the Helpdesk service where the ticket was created.
    A list of tags assigned to the ticket. Only available when you group tickets by Day, Week, or Month.
    Article last updated: 21 November, 2022