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Working with Antivirus in GoTo Resolve

Antivirus, or endpoint protection, is protects your devices against malicious software. You can run scans remotely and monitor your devices.

How it works

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In GoTo Resolve, antivirus, also known as endpoint protection, makes sure your devices are not vulnerable to malicious attacks. It provides remote management of the antivirus software running on your devices: you can easily scan for threats and keep the antivirus application turned on and up-to-date.

Remember: Antivirus scans are available for users with Standard and Premium licenses only. Antivirus software can be updated on devices that are both Pro and verified.
Important: This feature does not support devices where the system time is out of sync by more than five minutes.

In the Console, an admin has the following options:

Manage device
View real-time information of the device.
Create a ticket
Creates a Helpdesk ticket using the details of the device so that an admin can take the necessary steps.
Run a quick scan
Runs a quick antivirus scan on the device. Only available when there is no scan in progress.
Run a full scan
Runs a full antivirus scan on the device. Depending on the number of files on the device, running a full scan may take considerable time to finish. Only available when there is no scan in progress.
Tip: When you have multiple devices, you can run a full scan on all your devices by clicking Run quick scan on all devices in the top-right corner of the page.
Update virus definitions
Checks the antivirus software of the device and updates its antivirus health in the Console accordingly.
See last scan report
Displays the result of the last quick or full scan.
Enable real time protection
Enables real-time protection on the device.
Enable firewall
Enables the default firewall on the device. Only available if a firewall is detected on the host.
Note: Currently, firewall management in GoTo Resolve does not support certain firewalls. When a host has an unsupported firewall, you see Unknown displayed in the Firewall column.

For more information, see How do I Manage Antivirus in GoTo Resolve?


As best practice, you should keep your devices' antivirus software always up-to-date. Make sure you run regular scans to see the antivirus health of your devices.

Article last updated: 16 March, 2023