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Using the GoTo Resolve app in Zendesk

GoTo offers your agents the option to start remote control sessions with your end users, directly from Zendesk.


The following requirements must be met to use GoTo in Zendesk:

  • Your end users and agents must meet the minimum system requirements
  • A Zendesk Administrator at your organization should first install the GoTo app to Zendesk for your Agents
  • Agents should have a GoTo account with Remote Support capability. You can set up agents in GoTo Admin.

How to install the GoTo Resolve app in Zendesk?

As a Zendesk Administrator, you must first install the app to your Zendesk account.

  1. Go to Zendesk Marketplace and search for GoTo Resolve.
  2. Click Install and follow the on-screen instructions.
    This will add GoTo to your Zendesk account.
  3. Let your agents know that they can now use GoTo to start remote support sessions from Zendesk.

How to configure the GoTo Resolve app in Zendesk?

As a Zendesk Administrator, you can change the default configuration of the GoTo app.

  1. In Zendesk, select the Apps and integrations menu on the left.
  2. On the Zendesk Support apps page, hover over GoTo Resolve.
  3. Click the cogwheel icon and make sure the app is Enabled.
  4. Click Change settings to see the current configuration of the GoTo app:
    • Title - The title of the GoTo app displayed for your agents.
    • Session invite - The message that Zendesk sends your end users when the agent creates a new support session.
    • Enable role restrictions - Select the user roles that will have access to the GoTo app.
    • Enable group restrictions - Select the user groups that will have access to the GoTo app.
  5. Click Update to save your changes.

How can you start a remote support session from Zendesk?

As an agent, you can connect to the devices of your end users directly from a Zendesk ticket to provide support. Here's how:

  1. Open a Zendesk ticket and make sure GoTo for Zendesk is listed under your Apps on the right.
  2. Click Start a session.
    Your support session is created.
  3. Click Share invite in ticket to add the link to the ticket editor.
    You can either add this link to the ticket as a message or send the link to your end user in an email or through a different messaging tool.
  4. Ask the end user to open the message, and click the link to join the support session.
    A new browser tab is opened on the end user's device displaying the session chat panel.
  5. Click Join my session.
    The GoTo Console opens in a new tab. You are prompted to sign in to your GoTo account, if you haven't already.
  6. Wait for the end user to join.
    Now you are in a chat session with the end user.
  7. Ask the end user to click Download application in the chat window, so that they can download and run the support application required to establish a support session.
    A remote control support session is established.
  8. In the Console click anywhere into the screen of the end user to initiate actual remote control.

To end the session, click End session either in the Console or in the Zendesk ticket.

To see what you can do during your remote session, see Managing Support Sessions from the Console.

Troubleshooting remote sessions

In certain cases, the end user may not be able to connect to the remote session. The reason for this is generally the following:

  • The end user has network connection issues
  • The agent closes the session before the end user can join

In either of these cases, the agent can generate a new session link and send that to the end user. To do so, while you have a Zendesk ticket open, click Reset on the right. This will regenerate a session link that you can send to the end user.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is reporting available for support sessions?
Reporting is available in GoTo, but not in Zendesk. See Working with Session Reports.
Can I replay session recordings?
Yes, you can do that in GoTo. All you need is the session ID that you have generated in Zendesk. Based on that ID, you can find the session on the Reporting page of GoTo.
What are the system requirements of using the GoTo app?
Article last updated: 28 March, 2023